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Friday matters: Every day, hard places

You know how, sometimes, you get physically sick--like the flu--and it's not because you're not reading the Bible enough or doing enough acts of service? You just get sick.

Well, sometimes you get emotionally sick and it's not because you're a "bad Christian."

There can be all kinds of factors that play into all kinds of sicknesses, like lack of sleep, an infection or a damaged relationship. And, sometimes, we need medication to get well. It's okay. Remember that no matter what emotional or physical state you're in, God loves you as you are. We'll go through challenging seasons where it doesn't make sense, but it's in the hard places where we grow.

God tells us in 2 Corinthians 12:9, "His strength is perfected in our weakness." Sometimes the hardest thing to do is just let go and let God take care of us, ask someone for help or take medication. He works in many different ways and through many different people.

In every place and time He wants you to know how much He loves and values you every day.