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Financial New Year's Resolutions

At the beginning of each new year, many people make a list of resolutions to keep in the coming months, such as losing weight or learning a new skill.

The Minnesota Society of CPAs these smart resolutions.

Save more

It sounds simple but people often forget or make excuses that prevent them from setting aside more money for the long term.

Have your bank deposit a certain amount of your payroll check or checking account balance into a savings account each month.

Watch your spending

This is another area where people have great intentions that often don't get carried out.

Categorize the items in areas such as groceries, restaurant meals and takeout, entertainment, commuting and gasoline--or whatever categories apply.

Keep a budget

Once you write down your expenses, you can use them as part of a monthly budget.

A budget is an excellent tool for making sense of your financial life.

Make your own statement

How much are you worth?

The process is simple: Add up the value of what you own, including the equity you have in your home or any savings.

Then calculate your debts.

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