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Statewide entities to recognize manufacturers

The Minnesota Department of Employment and Economic Development, the Minnesota Chamber of Commerce, the Minnesota Precision Manufacturing Association  and the Minnesota Manufacturers Coalition are sponsoring Minnesota Manufacturers Week Oct. 25-29 to recognize the importance of manufacturing to the state's economy.

A variety of local events around the state designed to recognize, celebrate and promote Minnesota manufacturing will be held during that week, including plant tours, speakers and educational events.

"It's impossible to overstate the importance of manufacturing to Minnesota's economic well-being," said DEED Commissioner Dan McElroy. "With nearly 1 in 7 jobs tied to the industry, manufacturing is the backbone of our economy. Manufacturing is increasingly reliant on strong foreign sales."

Here are facts about the manufacturing industry in Minnesota:

• Minnesota has 300,200 manufacturing jobs statewide or 14 percent of all private-sector jobs. Each manufacturing job supports another 1.3 jobs elsewhere in the economy through supplier purchases and employee spending. In all, manufacturing accounts for nearly 800,000 jobs or about 29 percent of all jobs in Minnesota.  

• Manufacturing contributes more than $30 billion to the state economy and represents 17 percent of the Minnesota's gross domestic product.

• Across the state, manufacturing accounts for between 6 and 18 percent of total employment, depending on the region.

• Manufacturing has the second-largest payroll of any business sector in the state, providing $16.1 billion in 2009 wages.  

• Manufacturing pays an average annual wage of $53,612 per employee, eclipsing construction, real estate and agriculture.

• Most manufacturing jobs in Minnesota are concentrated in computer and electronic products, food manufacturing, fabricated metal products and machinery.

• Manufacturing exports brought more than $14.6 billion into the Minnesota economy in 2009.