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Bremer Bank
115 Holmes Street East
Detroit Lakes, MN 56501-3100
one-of-kind bank

The Bremer Bank difference.

Bremer is a one-of-a-kind bank, owned by our employees and the Otto Bremer Foundation. That means that a large share of bank profits are invested back in local communities through foundation grants.

In fact, last year the Otto Bremer Foundation provided almost $30 million in grants to help local nonprofit build healthy communities. Local Bremer Banks made donations of more than $267,000 to organizations throughout the region. In addition, Bremer employees volunteered countless hours of their time to aid community causes and needs.

Community service is the heart of the Bremer Story.

Together the Otto Bremer Foundation and Bremer Banks are committed to building vibrant, healthy communities. Communities that provide good jobs, responsive services, and opportunities for all to participate and contribute.

Ready to help, for almost a century.

Otto Bremer, our founder, believed that people could survive and flourish if they had help at critical times. In the 1930s, during the Great Depression, Bremer liquidated personal assets to help community banks ride out the hard times.

The Bremer tradition continues. This year the Otto Bremer Foundation and Bremer Banks are partnering in the Bremer Emergency Fund. Grants are helping 81 community organizations across Minnesota, North Dakota, and Wisconsin provide emergency financial assistance to families and individuals struggling to meet basic needs.


By banking with Bremer, you are helping make a difference.