Weather Forecast


Storm hits area hard

A tree lays in a yard near the Detroit Lakes water tower Friday morning. Brian Basham/Record

Those in the area on Thursday likely experienced the torrential downpour, and perhaps were kept awake by the roar of thunder late Thursday night into early Friday. The storm left in its wake heavy rainfall with wind and lightning damage throughout the area.

The KDLM weather service recorded 4.25 inches of rainfall in the 24 hour span from 6 am on Thursday to 6 am on Friday. East of town in the Pickerel Lake area rainfall was recorded at 3.85 inches, while the Frazee area reported .85 inches. Some areas recorded as much as 6 inches, while parts of Detroit Lakes, Lake Park, Audubon, and New York Mills also reported pea sized hail.

Flash flooding was reported on Roosevelt Avenue on Thursday night, where a stranded car was towed from the underpass after becoming partially submerged.

A flash flood warning is in effect until 7 a.m. on Sunday in Becker County and many parts of central and west central Minnesota. Chances for rain and scattered thunderstorms will continue through the weekend as well.

The Detroit Lakes Fire Department responded to a call on Thursday around 9 pm of a lightning induced fire, which caused minimal damage after striking the deck of the residence according to initial reports.

Many trees in the area were damaged and downed by high wind speeds.

According to WeatherEye Weather Center, wind damage was also reported in the Twin Cities region, and another storm system is moving into the local area from South Dakota.

Article written by Libby Larson of Detroit Lakes Newspapers