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Dorset ‘mayor’ to host fundraiser walk for Ronald McDonald House

Robert “Bobby” Tufts, 4, who’s gained international fame in his role as Dorset mayor, is now taking on the role of philanthropist. Tufts, who’s been enjoying the Heartland Trail since he was 2, is hosting a Walk for Kids to raise funds for the Ronald McDonald House of the Red River Valley.

He’s inviting people of all ages to ride or walk and take in the wildlife at 10 a.m. Wednesday, June 26, setting off down the Heartland Trail from Dorset. Rumor has it, the Associated Press will arrive to cover his “kid helping kids” initiative.

The peerless politician will be offering his constituents a treat. Free ice cream will be served at the Dorset House courtyard following the walk. And based on his tenet that people should be given choices, strawberry and chocolate ice cream will be served.

The event is free to the public. Donations will be accepted “and appreciated.”

The sagacious preschooler plans to seek another term of office in the “buck buys a vote” Dorset election in August.