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Make sure to water plants

According to the Becker County Master Gardeners, July is the time to:

  • Continue watering the lawn regularly to keep it looking its best and growing densely so weeds don’t take over. You’ll know it’s time to water when foot prints don’t pop right back up after you walk on it. Water early in the day to limit evaporation. Water at night only when you have no alternative.
  • Dislodge aphids from plants, shrubs and trees with a hard spray of water.
  • Mulch plants, shrubs and trees to retain moisture during hot summer days. 
  • Stop by a Farmer’s Market for fresh local grown produce every week, if you don’t grow your own.
  • Make flowers last longer. Pick them early in the morning, before you begin to lose much moisture. Strip lower leaves, cut base of the stems before putting them into a vase of slightly warm water. Change water every day or two.
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