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Fire destroys home, truck, ATV

Christina Lacey and Dan Goble lost their home and all its contents a month ago in a fire. SUBMITTED PHOTO

A June 7 fire completely destroyed a local family’s home, consuming all of their belongings in a span of four hours.

Christina Lacey, her boyfriend, Dan Goble, and Lacey’s three children, Chandler, Destiny, and Porter, were returning from Fargo when they got the news that one of Dan’s relatives had heard his name over the scanner in reference to a house fire. 

“Everything was gone, it was nothing but rubble and ash,” Christina said of returning home.

Christina, a Frazee High School graduate, and her children had moved into the Strawberry Lake home with Goble barely two weeks before.

“They think it was an electrical fuse box and electrical wires,” Terri Lacey, Christina’s mother, said of the fire’s suspected cause.

According to Christina, the trailer was so old that the family had no insurance on it, and she was “literally going in the next week,” to insure the items within the house. “It’s a complete loss,” she said.

“It’s been very devastating,” Terri said of the destruction.

Among the items lost in the fire were a truck parked next to the house, several four-wheelers and the kids’ bikes. While the loss of the material items within the home was difficult, the death of the family’s two dogs was especially painful.

“When we pulled in, the kids just began screaming,” Christina said of returning to the trailer, knowing the dogs had been inside.

“It’s been really hard,” she said. “The kids took losing the dogs really hard, losing everything they had.”

After spending the first night with Christina’s sister, the family moved back to the home Christina and her children had rented before moving in with Goble.

“The landlord was very accommodating,” Terri said of the situation, though the family lacked all of their previous furnishings.

 The family received aid from the Red Cross the next morning. Local churches and Helping Hands have also provided clothing, food and dishes, and friends arrived to help clean and sift through the remains of the home.

“Our family and friends have been wonderful,” Christina said of the community’s support.

The family has since placed a new trailer onto the property, and plans to move in with the mattresses and furniture that they’ve accumulated as they begin to pick up the pieces.

“It’s definitely a challenge going forward from here,” Christina said of the future as they rebuild their lives.

To provide support to the family, Terri and Christina’s sister, Angelica St. Germain, are organizing a spaghetti feed and silent auction with the help of Harvest Fellowship Church, Frazee, to aid the family.

The dinner will be held on July 13 from 3 to 7 p.m. in the church.

“We’re hoping to do something fun for the kids,” Terri said of the potential to provide games for children attending the event. 

A benefit account for the family has been established at Midwest Bank of Detroit Lakes under the names of Christina Lacey and Dan Goble.

Members of the community wishing to donate an item to the silent auction can contact Angelica St. Germain at 701-412-7987 or Terri Lacey at 307-399-7461.

Article written by Libby Larson of Detroit Lakes Newspapers