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Perfect day for Independence

Renee, Weston, Tom and Parker White enjoy the Fourth of July on Detroit Lakes’ city beach Thursday afternoon. BRIAN BASHAM/RECORD

This year’s Independence Day celebration could not have gone better. It was a beautiful day filled with fun, friends and fireworks.

Carrie Johnston, president of the Chamber of Commerce, was very impressed with the festivities this year.

“The weather was terrific. I don’t think we could have asked for a better day. The turnout was great, and from what I’ve heard it was a fairly safe holiday,” she said.

Natalie Zeleznikar of Hermantown, Minn., has not been to a Fourth of July celebration in Detroit Lakes since she was a kid, and now she’s bringing her family. She said she was very impressed with the display this year.

“I thought it was the most amazing fireworks I’ve ever seen and being on the water made it even better. I’ve watched the fireworks in Duluth and many other places but this was the best grand finale I’ve ever experienced,” she said.

Detroit Lakes native Libby Schmit went to this year’s Fourth of July celebration for the first time and said she thoroughly enjoyed the festivities and she would go again. 

“This was my first time in DL for the Fourth,” she said. “I thought they had a great selection of fireworks and it was a decently long show.”

Johnston would agree.

“The fireworks were really well done, it was a nice day to be out,” she said.

Although Zeleznikar enjoyed the show there was a single thing she said DL could do to make the event even better.

“The only thing I missed was having patriotic music during the fireworks show. That’s the one thing I could suggest. Overall it was an amazing show, there was a great turnout, and a fantastic display,” she said.

Brooke Olson of Detroit Lakes has attended countless Fourth of July celebrations. She said she was very impressed with this year but still felt there was room for improvement.

“I thought this year was more fun than previous years, but the fireworks could still be better. They should also try to make the beach darker during the fireworks so it would be easier to see the display. Other than that, it was really fun and a great holiday,” she said.

This year’s turnout was one of the best the town has seen, and that has a lot to do with the nice weather. Johnston said that everywhere she went it seemed to be busy, including the flea market, the sand bar on Detroit Lake and various businesses in town.

“There seemed to be more boats out on the lake, everywhere was busy, it was just a great day to be out,” she said.

Article written by Haley Foster of Detroit Lakes Newspapers