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Helen Mitchell hasn’t missed in 60 years

Helen Mitchell loves 4-H and loves the fair, especially dairy. SUBMITTED PHOTO

Helen Mitchell is just like most other grandmothers; she goes to all of her family’s activities and supports her grandkids in everything they do. However, there is one thing that sets her apart.

“I’ve been going to the fair for over 60 years now,” she said. That’s right, she is 91 and hasn’t missed a fair in 60 years.

Helen got started in 4-H way back when she was a kid, but she never got to go to the county fair because her parents lived in Cormorant Township, considered too far out in the country to easily get to the fair.

She has lived in Detroit Lakes now for many years, and says her interest in the fair and 4-H activities was always there. Her tradition of attending the fair started mainly after her kids became involved in the 4-H program.

“All the kids were in 4-H, I’ve got six, and all of them were in it,” she said, “We have been real active in the fair and I have really enjoyed it,” she added.

Her favorite event at the fair is the dairy judging, the clothes, baking, sewing, and everything else in between.

“Grandma Mitchell” prides herself on her attendance record. In fact, Helen’s passion runs so deep she says she would still attend even if her grandkids weren’t involved.

“I have never missed a fair,” she said, “I would still go to the dairy, as long as I’m able.”

Mitchell continually expresses an appreciation and high regard for 4-H and the Becker County Fair.

“Oh, I love it!” she ex-claimed. “I like to go because you meet people there. You meet your neighbors, and people that you know from way back in the past that still go, and the grandkids are involved,” she added.

Mitchell could not speak highly enough of 4-H. She loves the program and all that it has done for her and her family.

She is very proud of all of her grandkids involved in the 4-H program. She attends all of their events, gives them advice from her vast knowledge —gained over the six decades spent at the fair — and cheers them on throughout the com-petition.

“It’s a very, very good project that keeps the kids out of trouble and gives them a lot to do; and they learn a lot so, it’s good,” she said.

Haley Foster | DL Newspapers