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Quiceno says witnesses lying and 'sticking together' in mobile home shooting

During interviews with law enforcement, Ronald Quiceno said he was going to Kountry Manor Mobile Home Park Jan. 25 to talk about God and use his past experiences to teach and motivate others to live a better life.

Quiceno is on trial for the second degree murder of Travis Buckanaga on Jan. 26. He is also charged with attempted murder, assault and possession of a firearm.

“I have strong beliefs. I would never hurt anyone intentionally. I don’t abuse my kids,” Quiceno told officers Jan. 26 when they came to his house with a search warrant.

Two interviews with Quiceno were played for the court Monday.

In day three of testimony, two Bureau of Criminal Apprehension agents, Donald Newhouse and Chad Museus, were questioned as to what they encountered when they were asked to help with the shooting investigation.

About 1 p.m. on Jan. 26, officers executed a search warrant of Quiceno’s house. Quiceno opened the door and “he started to close the door,” Newhouse said, so officers pushed the door open and “took control of Mr. Quiceno” and cleared the house.

Several officers questioned Quiceno in the bathroom of the house while other officers searched the house. Museus said the BCA recovered two cell phones, a computer, a key ring with a key on it and articles of clothing from the washing machine from the home.

During the initial questioning, Quiceno said he was “petrified” the night before because he had been at Kountry Manor Mobile Home Park, was punched by Buckanaga and then was jumped by Barris Guy. He told law enforcement that Guy had a gun that went off during a scuffle with Quiceno, shooting Buckanaga and Guy.

He said he was at the home to do his motivational rap, adding that he “puts himself in dangerous situations sometimes.”

Several witnesses testified last week that a rap battle between Buckanaga and Quiceno started the fight. Quiceno was reading rap lyrics from his phone, while Buckanaga was freestyling with lyrics.

Quiceno said that once he heard the shots, he immediately left the mobile home park and drove around.

“I heard crashing and smashing and then I heard a couple more shots” as he drove off, he said. “All I’m trying to do is get out of there. I knew my life was in danger.”

Allen Bloom Jr. testified last week that he broke out the passenger side window in Quiceno’s van as he pulled away from the mobile home that night.

Quiceno said he returned to his house during the day on Jan. 26, just a couple hours before the search warrant was executed at 1 that afternoon. Law enforcement said various officers had been doing surveillance of the home since 6:30 a.m. and hadn’t seen any people or vehicles enter or leave the home or garage all morning.

Besides interviewing Quiceno and other witnesses, the BCA agents also collected texts, pictures, call log and video from Quiceno’s cell phone from 48 hours surrounding the shooting. They also collected text messages and a call log from Quiceno’s wife Elizabeth’s phone.

Quiceno accompanied law enforcement to the Becker County Sheriff’s Office for further questioning and to look at pictures to see if he knew any of the people at the mobile home from the previous night.

Later, Quiceno requested a second interview with BCA agents to see what was going on. The court heard a recording of that conversation Monday as well. Quiceno was crying, wanting to know what was going on and what had been gathered so far.

He spoke a bit more on the rap music he liked to perform, telling the agents that he wanted to show people that rap can be used to express themselves in a better, positive way.

He said during the second interview that he was sure Guy had the gun, but then said he wasn’t positive.

“Everything happened so fast,” he said, adding that everyone was arguing inside the mobile home.

“I didn’t do nothing wrong is the thing,” he said. “I went over to help people.”

He said witnesses at the mobile home that night were all lying, saying he shot Buckanaga “’cause they’re all sticking together.”

Testimony continues Tuesday. For more information on other information the agents collected and about the gun used in the shooting, check the Wednesday Detroit Lakes Tribune.

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