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MnDOT at state fair: Getting from A to B

The Minnesota Department of Transportation will again have an exhibit at the Minnesota State Fair, Aug. 22-Sept. 2.

Located in the Education Building at 1372 Cosgrove Street, MnDOT’s booth this year will show the numerous connections between transportation and Minnesotans’ daily lives.

“We all have a stake in a strong transportation system,” said MnDOT Commissioner Charlie Zelle. “Every trip we take from point A to point B, we use a road, a bridge, a rail line, a runway, a bike path or a waterway to connect us to our destinations.”

New this year, fairgoers are invited to share their responses on video to questions such as: “What’s your favorite A to B?” and “How did you get to the fair?” Staff will post the best answers each day to MnDOT’s Facebook page.

In addition, MnDOT staff will hand out the popular state highway map, updated this year, and also will provide fairgoers with information for all regions of the state on a variety of topics, including funding, construction projects, roundabouts, cable median barriers and the Zipper Merge.

A separate highlight this year features the release of the much-anticipated state bicycle map. The bike maps, updated for the first time since 2001, will be available at inside the Kick Gas exhibit at the Eco Experience building on Randall Avenue, just east of Cooper Street. The electronic version of the bike map, available at