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DL man facing prison

A Detroit Lakes man convicted of murder will be sentenced Thursday.

A jury found Ronald Quiceno, 39, guilty of the second degree murder of Travis Buckagana on Aug. 20. The shooting took place in the early hours of Jan. 26 at the Kountry Manor Mobile Home Park, north of Detroit Lakes on County Road 21.

After a roughly two-week trial late this summer, the jury found Quiceno guilty of second degree murder with intent, second degree murder without intent, second degree assault and in possession of firearm.

He was found not guilty of second degree attempted murder in the shooting of Barris Guy during the same incident.

Quiceno’s sentencing is scheduled for Thursday at 2 p.m. at the Becker County Courthouse.

He faces from 26 years to 36½ years in prison.

The shooting occurred after Quiceno went over to a mobile home to a small party with a friend. He and Buckanaga started to rap and a disagreement heated up, with Buckanaga eventually punching Quiceno in the face.

Quiceno left the home, but returned and shot Buckanaga.

He fled the scene in his vehicle. He took the gun to a friend’s house in Callaway and returned to his home in Detroit Lakes where law enforcement arrested him later that afternoon.

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