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Time to prune trees, keep flowers longer

According to the Becker County Master Gardeners, February is the time to have shade trees and fruit trees professionally pruned this month or next.

It’s easier to see a tree’s structure when no leaves are present, and the fresh cuts won’t pose a disease or insect problem to oaks, elms, apples, or other trees when pruned in winter.

Some trees, such as maples, birch, honeylocust are likely to drip lots of sap from wound sites in spring, but they should be fine as long as no more than 25 percent of their canopy was pruned out.

This is definitely not a do-it-yourself project, though.

Also, keep Valentines Days flowers attractive as long as possible by setting them in a cool location when you’re not around to enjoy them. Put them in a spotlessly clean vase filled with barely warm water and floral preservative.

Add more water and preservative solution as the level drops, replacing it as soon as it appears cloudy. Trim off any foliage that would sit below water, as it rots easily, and make a fresh cut at the base of each stem whenever you change the water.

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