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June is time to assess spring bulbs

According to the Becker County Master gardeners, June is the time to assess the performance of your spring-flowering bulbs.

Lift and discard any that failed to bloom well; they won’t improve. Fertilize the others, and allow their foliage to mature naturally. Braiding or tying up the leaves deprives them of the light needed to store energy for next year’s blooms.

Planting annuals around them, though possible, may keep bulbs too moist during their summer dormancy, resulting in poor growth the following spring.

If you need to prune spring-flowering shrubs such as lilac, forsythia, azalea, rhododendron or rose tree of China, in order to shape them and control their size, do it right after they’re through blooming.

Pruning mid-season or late summer inadvertently eliminates much of the following year’s blooms because those buds actually begin to develop shortly after this year’s flowers fade.