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Hometown heavyweight: Brian Heden to compete Saturday

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For the first time in years, Brian Heden is going into a fight injury-free.

"I'm healthy, along with a great weight cut," he explained. "I'm feeling good about the fight. Bjorn (Schmiedeberg) is a brown belt in BJJ, so my hope is to keep it standing."

Heden and Schmiedeberg will be competing for the Superior FC Heavyweight Title on May 20 in Schmiedeberg's hometown of Duren, Germany.

Heden, a resident of Frazee, Minnesota, has been training for the fight in a few different ways.

"I've been training at Academy of Combat Arts (ACA) in Fargo under Dylan Spicer and Joe Trottier, with training partners Timothy Johnson--a UFC Fighter--and Zach Thumb," he said. "I've also been boxing with Chris Holt of Lakes Area Boxing and doing conditioning and lifting at Anytime Fitness of Detroit Lakes. I typically get up to Fargo 2-3 times a week and go to the gym every day after work."

Heden said that the fight begins at 18:00 CET in Germany and, for $14.99, Heden's fans back home can tune in to watch it at!fight-channel-ppv=1047#.