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"Indivisible' groups protest Trump in Detroit Lakes

Anti-Trump protestors stood along a fence at Veterans Memorial Park in Detroit Lakes Saturday as part of a national day of protest by the Indivisible organization. Photo by Nathan Bowe.1 / 2
The Lakes Area Indivisible group held a protest rally Saturday in Detroit Lakes against theTtrump Administration as part of the National Protest Day for Truth, Photo by Nathan Bowe2 / 2

About 25 people gathered Saturday afternoon in Veterans Memorial Park in Detroit Lakes to participate in a National Protest Day for Truth held across the country by members of the Indivisible organization.

President Donald Trump bore the brunt of their ire. His administration is under investigation by the FBI, a special counsel, and committees in both houses of Congress over allegations of campaign collusion with the Russians.

"We are asking for an independent commission, like the 9-11 commission, so the truth comes out (in a public report)," said Gordon Rosby, a member of the Lakes Area Indivisible group. "If the independent counsel elects no criminal prosecution, it dies. The truth doesn't come out," he said. That won't happen with a special commission, he said.

Others at the protest echoed his concerns.

"The interesting thing about these Resistance groups is we basically sprung up this year," said Mike Maurer, a member of the Battle Lake Indivisible group. My main thing is that we take over Congress next election and we don't turn into a (Republican-dominated) Wisconsin in Minnesota ... We just want to protect the people."

Deb Erickson of Detroit Lakes said the Trump Administration is the "worst of the worst. They don't believe in women's rights. The head of the EPA doesn't believe in science. Even Trump's personal attorney is being investigated ... I think Americans need health care and they need a leader who is sane and honest."

"We want to get to the bottom of the Russian question—it's important we know just exactly what's going on," said Laura Colon, who was holding a sign facing Highway 10 that read: "Honesty is the Best Policy." She was at the rally with her husband and three young children. She said the protesters respected the veterans park. "We did bring trash bags to clean things up, just in case things get dirty,"' she said.

The start of the protest was a little dirty, when the first two vehicles that went by held people who yelled and made obscene gestures at the protesters. "It was a rough start," Rosby said. "But since then we've had more thumbs up than thumbs down (from motorists on Highway 10)."

Cindy Anderson of Bad Medicine Lake said progressives are frustrated.

"We're feeling impatient," she said. "There's so much going on from the Trump White House, and we're so opposed to so much of it. We're trying to find a way to have our voices heard and not be so marginalized..."

The protest is about civic engagement, said Karen Rosby. "It's mainly to encourage people. We go out most times (to protest) in Park Rapids. When people flip us off, I say 'get your own sign.' And I'm serious—this is democracy, do it."

Howie Anderson is concerned about what the president might do.

"I think Trump is pretty dangerous," he said. "He's following Hitler's little book pretty well—first discredit the press, then discredit the truth ... you know you're in big trouble when something so ridiculous and obviously false is made to look true. Trump is either unhinged, not well emotionally, or just doesn't care."

The Indivisible group is also sponsoring a healthcare forum (about the Republican American Healthcare Act) in Detroit Lakes at 7 p.m. on July 6 at the Detroit Lakes Holiday Inn, and says confirmed speakers include U.S. Rep. Collin Peterson and Peter Jacobson, president of Essentia Health St. Mary's.