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Stranded in a blizzard: Becker County officers rescue hitchhiker freezing in deer stand

A 54-year-old Fargo man was rescued from a deer stand just outside of Detroit Lakes Thursday morning after spending what had to have been a long, harrowing night there. According to the Becker County Sheriff's Department, the man had been trying to hitchhike, but was unable to catch a ride when the blizzard rolled in Wednesday night, forcing him to find shelter in a nearby deer stand.

The chilled traveler, Michael James Tye, was able to call 9-1-1 from a cell phone around 9:30 a.m. and reported he was in need of assistance because his feet were frozen.

The Becker County sheriff located the deer stand Tye had hunkered down in after searching for some time. It was about a mile east of the Highway 54 and Highway 10 intersection just on the east end of Detroit Lakes.

Sheriff Todd Glander says Tye was not dressed for the weather when he was found. The blizzard that had swept through the area Wednesday night brought with it actual temperatures of about 18 below zero with wind gusts reaching up to 30 miles per hour and an average snowfall of about 3 inches.

Tye was taken to St. Mary's-Essentia hospital, where it was reported he was in "good condition." He did not respond to efforts the DL Tribune made to get in touch with him for comment.

"We're just happy that we found him," said Todd, adding that he and his deputies appreciated the assistance from the Detroit Lakes Police Department, the Minnesota State Patrol, and St. Mary's EMS in the incident.