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Davis appears on 'The Today Show'

Jenn Davis of Bertha was scheduled to appear on NBC's "The Today Show" Friday, April 29 for a Royal Wedding Ambush Makeover during the fourth hour with Kathie Lee and Hoda.

The bridal makeover is a special variation of the Ambush Makeover on "The Today Show."

"It's all in celebration of the royal wedding," Davis said.

Today Show Producer Jayme Baron said they asked their Facebook fans to write in if they were brides who deserved a royal ambush makeover.

Davis was one of four brides-to-be chosen to appear on the show.

"It's not a contest," Davis said.

"They're going to walk out in wedding gowns with their hair done and all made over," Baron said.

She said Davis was "very deserving."

"I just went to the Facebook page and told them how I had, in a year, lost my job, had a baby, lived through the tornado and then lost my mom," Davis said.

She said she was surprised to be chosen, with all the other stories that were out there.

Davis and one of her maids of honor, Sam Olson, flew out to New York on Wednesday and went to the design studio to be fitted.

"We just walked around last night [Wednesday], went to Rockefeller Plaza, went to dinner," she said.

Davis said they were also able to meet one of her high school friends there.

Her fiance could not accompany her in the trip.

"They won't let Jeremy come with me because apparently they're superstitious and he shouldn't see me in my wedding dress," Davis said.

Davis herself said she could not see her makeover until the show.

"I got to go and have a dress fitting, but I can't see it, I couldn't look in the mirror or really even see much about it, because I won't be able to see any of it until tomorrow. It's pretty exciting, just a little overwhelming. But definitely an opportunity of a lifetime," she said.