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Audubon Immanuel has a new pastor

Pastor David Thompson has been at Immanuel Lutheran Church, Audubon, for three weeks. His office still isn't in order, but his mission for his new church family is.

"I want to continue to communicate the gospel of Christ and share the message with others," he said.

Thompson moved to Audubon from Wisconsin, where he served as director at the Schwan Center near Trego. Named after Schwan's ice cream founder Marvin Schwan, the center may have been beneficial but, "we never got a discount on ice cream," he said with a laugh.

After graduating from Bethany Lutheran Seminary in Mankato, Thompson served as a pastor in Albert Lea and a professor and dean of students at Bethany. From there it was off to Wisconsin and eventually, on to Audubon.

"I got a call from the congregation and decided this is where the Lord wanted me to come," he said.

While he and his family are settling into the area, Thompson is planning the direction for his new church and congregation. He said he hopes the church will continue to have an active youth group and Bible study. He said the church is filled with quite a few young children, which is exciting.

He would like to do some outreach to the Audubon and Detroit Lakes communities, as well. There are about 150 members in his congregation.

Thompson and his wife, Jenna, have six children.

"We fit snugly into the parsonage," he said.

Maggie and Noah attend Detroit Lakes High School, Maren, Madilynn and Marissa are home schooled, and Ahna is at home.

With all the adjustments being made for the family

and the church, Thompson has a positive attitude for the future.

"It's a beautiful church," he said. "We're quite blessed with the truth of God's word being taught here."