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Canby snatches state gold from Frazee matmen

Frazee knew the rush was coming from Canby -- and it did come.

Trying to fend off a charging Canby Lancer wrestling team, the Hornets tried their best to hold on to their potential fourth state championship, but instead it turned into Frazee's third state runner-up finish.

The Lancers' heavyweight, Evan Hacker, put the bold exclamation point on one of the state tournament's best duels of the weekend when he was able to pin Hornet Nick Galbrecht in 2:58 to give Canby a stunning 25-24 win.

That capped a four-match win streak by Canby, which helped erase a 24-9 deficit built by a hot Frazee team.

"We knew we had to get a good lead because Canby was strong (at the heavier weights)," said Frazee junior Justin Skillings, who was the last Hornet to garner a victory at 160 to put his team up 24-9. "We just tried to get the ball rolling. But once they started to get going, it was hard to stop it.

"Nick (Galbrecht) wrestled hard and you could see he was trying hard out there."

Canby's Logan Oellien started the comeback bid at 171, with a 14-10 decision over Kyler Wegner.

It continued with a 17-4 major decision by Jessy Verheist over Cory Sandberg, with Travis Hansen nipping Austin Bachmann at 215 to set up Hacker's pin at heavyweight.

"We knew Canby was tough at the top, and we knew we had to get one of the four last matches," said Frazee head coach John Barlund. "We also knew we didn't have the match sewed up when we had that lead."

Frazee's run to the championship was very impressive in itself. The Hornets upended top-ranked Pierz 30-19 in the opening round, with some help on a forfeit by the Pioneers at 112, when one of their top wrestlers couldn't compete in the section due to an injury.

"A few tough breaks went in our favor, and Pierz is a very good team," Barlund said. "A part of being a solid team is having that depth when you run into adversity, and you can fill-in a wrestler at that spot. We had a similar situation and we were able to go into our reserves."

Frazee continued its journey with a 28-18 semifinal win over Atwater-Cosmos-Grove City, to set up its title bout with Canby.

With none of Frazee's 10 individual wrestlers making the finals in the individual tourney, that showed how much of a team effort the Hornets gave to make the finals against Canby.

"That showed our team depth and our team philosophy," the first-year Frazee coach said. "We had good, strong depth to go that far as a team, without those two or three top individuals. We went up against a lot of state champions and if we didn't win those matches, we didn't give up bonus points."

The state championship is Canby's eighth, and first since 1995.

For Frazee, it was the team's 14th venture into the state team tournament, and sixth appearance in the state championship match.

Hornet results

Minnesota State High School League Class 1A state team wrestling meet at the Xcel Energy Center in St. Paul, Thursday-Saturday, March 2-4.


(Winners are displayed on the top line)

30 Frazee

19 Pierz

103 3 points 12-10

Mike Lucero Frazee

Clint Poster Pierz

112 6 points forfeit

Isaac Galbrecht Frazee

Forfeit Pierz

119 6 points fall 208

Tanner Tetrick Pierz

Jacob Schermerhorn Frazee

125 3 points 6-1

Hank Vernig Pierz

Andrew Lockrem Frazee

130 3 points 4-2

Zach Sullinger Frazee

Nathan Janson Pierz

135 3 points 1-0

Ben Anderson Frazee

Scott Janson Pierz

140 3 points 2xOT 4-2

Derek Shipman Frazee

Benny Andres Pierz

145 3 points 2-1

Kerry Lockerm Frazee

Charles Boser Pierz

152 3 points 5-4

Warren Gall Pierz

Jacob Sailer Frazee

160 3 points 3-2

Kyle Girtz Pierz

Justin Skillings Frazee

171 3 points 3-1

Kyler Wegner Frazee

Chad Britz Pierz

189 3 points 4-2

Austin Bachmann Frazee

Jerron Boser Pierz

215 4 points 11-3

Cody Luberts Pierz

Cory Sandberg Frazee

275 3 points 6-1

Nick Galbrecht Frazee

Scott Saehr Pierz


28 Frazee

18 AtwaterCosmos/GroveCity

103 3 points 4-3

Jeremy Anderson ACGC

Mike Lucero Frazee

112 3 points 10-6

Isaac Galbrecht Frazee

Scott Litzau

119 4 points 13-5

Ben Meyer ACGC

Jacob Schermerhorn Frazee

125 4 points 11-0

Andrew Lockrem Frazee

Bill Wheeler

130 3 points 3-2

Zach Sullinger Frazee

Matt Pearson

135 3 points 5-3

Ben Anderson Frazee

Erick Larson

140 4 points 11-0

Derek Shipman Frazee

Travis Frederickson

145 3 points 6-5

Micah Larson

Kerry Lockerm Frazee

152 3 points 2-1

AJ Frederiksen

Jacob Sailer Frazee

160 4 points 10-2

Justin Skillings Frazee

Eric Peterson

171 3 points 3-0

Nic Leither ACGC

Kyler Wegner Frazee

189 3 points 8-2

Matt Leither

Cory Sandberg Frazee

215 3 points 9-2

Austin Bachmann Frazee

David Nelson

275 4 points 17-8

Nick Galbrecht Frazee

Joshua Lies


25 Canby

24 Frazee

103 3 points 3-0

Mike Lucero Frazee

Brett Citrowski Canby

112 3 points 3-1

Daniel Deslauriers Canby

Isaac Galbrecht Frazee

119 6 points INJ. DEFAULT

Jacob Schermerhorn Frazee

Austen Citrowski Canby

125 3 points 3-0

Andrew Lockrem Frazee

Alex Kontz Canby

130 3 points 6-1

Zach Sullinger Frazee

Jon Verheist Canby

135 3 points 6-0

Ben Anderson Frazee

Tyler Baer Canby

140 3 points 7-0

Derek Shipman Frazee

Cody Baer Canby

145 3 points 7-4

Tad Merritt Canby

Kerry Lockerm Frazee

152 3 points 10-3

Colby Citrowski Canby

Jacob Sailer Frazee

160 3 points 3-0

Justin Skillings Frazee

Justin Girard Canby

171 3 points 14-10

Logan Oellien Canby

Kyler Wegner Frazee

189 4 points 17-4

Jessy Verheist Canby

Cory Sandberg Frazee

215 3 points 8-5

Travis Hansen Canby

Austin Bachmann Frazee

275 6 points FALL 258

Evan Hacker Canby

Nick Galbrecht Frazee.

Brian Wierima
Detroit Lakes Newspapers Sports Editor for the last 15 years. St. Cloud State University graduate, who hails from Deer Creek, MN.