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Pavilion committee reaches initial goal, hoping for upgrades

The Pavilion Preservation Committee has reached its original goal, and members are looking for some help with a few upgrades.

Last year, the city received a state grant of $283,000 -- if matched it with $284,000 in local dollars. Pavilion committee member Mitch Wimmer said while the group raised the $520,000 for the Pavilion project -- $241,000 of that from the state grant -- there are a couple upgrades needed.

"We don't want to look back in two years and say we should have done this," he said.

The upgrades aren't extravagant, and they will add about $60,000 to $70,000 to the cost of the project.

What are the upgrades? Wimmer mentioned the committee is hoping to put tile on the bathroom walls, rather than use basic white ply board. He said it's for a long-term benefit, not just to look nice.

An upgrade on the wood flooring is also desired. Better wood would last longer, and the labor would cost the same to install it.

There were issues with settling of the building that had to be dealt with, and some extra tables and chairs would be nice, he said.

The committee also plans to have gates installed, blocking the bathrooms from the inside of the Pavilion so the Pavilion can be closed off and the bathrooms can be used during public functions in the park.

A power and electricity upgrade would serve the equipment of some of the bigger bands the Pavilion hopes to draw, and extra landscaping would also enhance the project.

Wimmer said especially the upgraded flooring, tiling and some painting will be needed.

"The upgrades we definitely want to include," he said. "We're really going to push forward (with fund-raising) the next couple months."

The fund-raising is ongoing, and Wimmer has always been positive when it came to raising money to match the grant.

Dan Holsgrove's AAA Construction has been doing the renovation work on the building, which is right on schedule. The crew has built an addition onto the back of the Pavilion, which expanded the serving area and bathrooms.

The floors have been redone, the stage has storage underneath, outside doors will be replaced and the roof will be redone also.

"It makes good, conservative financial sense," Wimmer said of the work.

The committee plans a grand opening June 2, with the Twin-Cities based Casablanca Orchestra scheduled to perform.

According to its Web site, the group is the "showband of the new millennium. They captivate audiences with their unique fusion of show and music. Capturing the essence of the times, CBO will take you from the swinging '40s to the current top 40."

"They're a really good dance band," Wimmer said, mentioning that the Pavilion committee sought the band's talents.

Those wishing to donate to the Pavilion project can send checks to City of Detroit Lakes, c/o Pavilion Preservation Project, 1025 Roosevelt Ave., Detroit Lakes 56501, or call Wimmer at 847-5703.