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LP-A one-act earns comedic honors

A Lake Park-Audubon High School comedy troupe laughed the judges to second place in the sub-section one-act play competition.

Director Jim Hopkins' students performed "All in the Timing" by David Ives. They took second in sub-sections and fifth in sections.

"I have not done this before, but I have seen other schools do it successfully," Hopkins said of taking the comedy skits to competition. "I knew it would fit the people I had this year."

The students learned about the "strength of working together" and that comedy is hard to do. Hopkins said there are more dramas than comedies at state competitions.

There were eight teams Lake Park-Audubon competed against at sections.

"Point wise, we were fifth. Of comedies, we were the highest," he said.

The performance consisted of six skits that were about 45 minutes long. For competition, the total show could only be 35 minutes, meaning some lines had to be cut. There were 19 students involved in the production.

"They liked the format (of comedy skits). It really allows for strong group work."

Hopkins said this was the year to do comedy because his students had a natural comic bent. If he had the right set of performers again in the future, he'd encourage another comedy routine.

"I had a lot of comedians this year. To do serious work wouldn't have made sense," he said.