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DL maps out 5-year street plan

Looking into the crystal ball, you can see street construction plans for Detroit Lakes over the next five years.

OK, so it's not so much a crystal ball as a report on Municipal State Aid and Detroit Lakes street systems. Still, the report was recently approved by the city council.

Those due for an upgrade include Willow Street from Washington Avenue to Jackson Street; West Lake Drive at Long Bridge Road; Rossman Avenue from West Lake Drive to Willow Street; North Shore Drive from Lincoln Avenue to Roosevelt Avenue; 11th Avenue from Eighth Street to Highway 34; Jackson Avenue from Willow Street to Highway 10; and Frazee Street from Holmes Street to McKinley Avenue.

Those actually being considered within the next five years are:

n West Lake Drive from County Road 22 to County Road 24 in 2006.

n The Jackson Avenue and 11th Avenue portions in 2007.

n The Highway 10 realignment in 2008.

n And the Rossman Avenue section in 2009.

There are two sections scheduled for reconstruction that weren't originally listed in the five-year plan, but were added based on need. They are:

n North Shore Drive from Washington Avenue to Roosevelt Avenue.

n And the Willow Street portion from Washington Avenue to Jackson Avenue.

Since the streets and avenues named fall under Municipal State Aid, the state will pay a portion of the repairs during the construction, based on mileage of roads being reconstructed.

Streets included in the reconstruction plan include Pembina Trail, Lori Avenue and Curry Avenue. The council held a public meeting at its March and April meeting, seeking public comment. Council members passed a motion at the April meeting to go forward with the scheduled repairs, which include curb, gutter and street widening.

Recommended street repairs are based on street history and conditions. Ulteig Engineers submitted the study to the Detroit Lakes City Council for approval.