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Tesoro expands Gallons for Grades

Tesoro Corporation has expanded its popular Gallons for Grades program to Idaho, Minnesota, North Dakota and Utah to reward even more students who excel academically.

Gallons for Grades provides an incentive for high school and college students to achieve good grades by giving them Tesoro fuel cards for free gasoline at participating Tesoro stations. Qualified high school and college students are awarded $2 for each A and $1 for each B on their report cards.

"Our dedication to our local communities includes a strong commitment to education, which is why we started and are now expanding our Gallons for Grades program. We believe that our success is measured not just by our bottom line, but by developing programs that allow us give back to the communities where we operate," said Dan Porter, senior vice president for Marketing.

"Since Tesoro launched the extremely popular program, we have awarded more than 220,000 gallons of gas to students showing them that it truly pays to excel academically."

In 2005, Tesoro awarded over $47,000 in free gasoline and processed around 8,500 report cards during the school year.

As part of the qualification process, students can drop by any participating Tesoro station and fill out a verification form or complete a form online at and submit it with a copy of their report card.

Upon approval by Tesoro, they will then receive their Tesoro fuel card in the mail.

Tesoro launched the Gallons for Grades program in 1997 in Alaska and has since expanded the program to Hawaii, Idaho, Minnesota, North Dakota and Utah. Over 300 retail gas locations participate in the program.