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James Kvam letter: Buy your items May 1 to counter 'A day without an immigrant'

May 1 all the illegal aliens in America are going to try to shut down America. They say they will not buy anything, won't go to work, and don't spend any money, and are going out to demonstrate. They said they will close the L.A. airport and the L.A. loading docks. Also on May 1, the government of Mexico is pushing for a boycott of all American businesses in Mexico. The estimates of illegal aliens in this country are from 11 million to 20 million people. I believe the chances are great of having some effect. To counter this, all Americans should slow down buying things until May 1. Then on May 1, buy the big ticket items you need and other things you need.

They are calling this "A day without an immigrant." I wish it they would make it be 10 years without an illegal immigrant. -- James Kvam, Pine City