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Green Door owners question liquor application

A few weeks ago, Zack Taves and Tyler Leitheiser came before the liquor control committee during a special meeting.

They had applied for a liquor license for what they were calling the Mighty Minnow, which is the Green Door. They were denied the license.

Soon after the story appeared in the Becker County Record, Matt Wimmer called to say he doesn't understand how that could happen since Wimmer Properties owns the Green Door.

He said the property and buildings located on West Lake Drive are still owned by his parents, Mitch and Deb Wimmer, or Wimmer Properties. The Giovanni's business was sold to Joyce Schweigart, Zack Taves mother. She also leases the building that houses Giovanni's.

The Giovanni's business was under contract, and Schweigart bought out the contract, Matt Wimmer said.

But the Green Door and the mini-golf area are still owned by Wimmers, and at this point, not being leased to anyone.

Matt Wimmer said as for Leitheiser, who applied for the liquor license for what he was calling the Mighty Minnow, he's never even spoken to Leitheiser and has no idea who he is.

Deb Wimmer said she doesn't know Leitheiser, either.

Taves said Leitheiser is a friend of his and was going to run the bar.

Instead, Matt Wimmer said he had plans for the Green Door and the mini-golf area.

"Matt decided he's not going to open the Green Door this year," Deb Wimmer said.

Matt Wimmer said Taves has talked in the past about renting the Green Door, but nothing had been decided upon. In fact, Matt Wimmer was working with someone else interested in renting the Green Door.

"As owner of the Green Door, I had no knowledge that they (Taves and Leitheiser) were going to apply for a liquor license," Matt Wimmer said.

Deb Wimmer said she and her husband Mitch knew a few days before the public meeting with the city that Taves was going to apply for a liquor license, but had no details.

"If we had known what was going on, we probably would have gone to the meeting," she said.

Both Deb and Matt Wimmer said neither has talked to Leitheiser or Taves since the denied liquor license application.

Taves said Mitch Wimmer knew in advance that Taves planned to apply for the license, and "he had no problem with the deal. We talked about it many times."

Taves said he planned to lease the Green Door from the Wimmers if the liquor license application had gone through. He was trying to get things in order before leasing it.

Taves said since the license didn't go through, he is still "kicking some things around" about what to do with the area.