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Wesbrook hopes to set up meth treatment in DL

When Todd Wesbrook visited Detroit Lakes in March, he hadn't necessarily planned on coming back to the area for another business trip.

Little did he know he'd be back a few months later, discussing bringing a branch of his organization, Trinity Mission, to the Detroit Lakes area.

"One of first open meetings we had, someone came forward and asked who they make the check out to. I was like wait, wait," he said in a telephone interview.

Wesbrook visited in March to talk about meth and other addiction problems in the area and how to deal with them. Wesbrook works as a counselor for Trinity Mission, which is a center for those with addictions, in Lafayette, Ind. His parents, John and Sharon, and brother, Tim, live in Detroit Lakes.

After several people approached Wesbrook during his initial trip to Detroit Lakes, he took back to his boss, Pastor Daniel Taylor, the idea of bringing a branch of Trinity Mission to this area.

Wesbrook and Taylor said if local people would cover the cost of them coming back to Detroit Lakes, they would speak about starting a mission here. Individuals and churches raised $1,000 in just a few days, and Wesbrook and Taylor are scheduled to speak June 6 and 8.

"It's one thing to be excited about it, but is there going to be a backing?" Wesbrook said about the organization coming to Detroit Lakes.

While Wesbrook said he has "no conclusions on what may happen" once he gets here, he is "coming to see what God is doing."

He said the project must be community driven. Trinity Mission isn't going to come to the community, set up camp and hope for the best. But even though he's not even back yet, Wesbrook is finding the community is already taking initiative and responsibility.

"There's already a building of momentum," he said.

A group of people have been meeting each week to discuss bringing Trinity Mission to Detroit Lakes.

"It's not just money. For us it's more prayer support and volunteer support," Wesbrook said.

He said the thought of a facility was already here, he just hopes to provide the tools to get it started.

"It's like I was stepping into something that was already there," he said. "What a blessing to walk into a community so open to me and Trinity Mission."

Wesbrook and Taylor will be holding three meetings while in Detroit Lakes.

June 6 is a pastor's breakfast, which is open to all area pastors, from 8:30 to 10 a.m. in The Refuge, 609 Washington Ave.

On June 8 from 10 a.m. to noon in the library is an open meeting for government and business organizations.

Later that day, from 6:30 to 9:30 p.m., is an open meeting for the general public at the Holiday Inn.

"It's a blessing and honor to be a small part of what God may be doing here," Wesbrook said.

While he holds high hopes for the future of an addictions facility in the Detroit Lakes area, Wesbrook holds onto one other expectation for his trip here as well.

"A personal one is my brother (Tim) will take me waterskiing on the boat, and I'm hoping I can still get up on the skis," he said with a laugh.