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Crisis Center makes WE Fest appearance

For the first time ever, Lakes Crisis and Resource Center was on-site for the WE Fest celebration.

"We felt with the influx of people, it was important to be on-site rather than a phone call away," Director Jan Logan said.

Advocates for the Crisis Center, including Val Shepersky, took turns being at the festival 24 hours a day for the duration of the long weekend.

The Crisis Center collaborated with the Becker County Sheriff Department and the medical group at the festival. Next year, the Crisis Center has been asked to join the medical and chaplain staff.

Logan said rather than going it alone, it makes sense to cooperate.

"We can collaborate to support them, as well, in their work," Logan said.

While the Crisis Center's post was behind the stage, with the use of radios, the Crisis Center personnel was able to respond to any needs of the people.

The Crisis Center was able to help five women victims and helped the medical staff deal with several other issues, like people who were dehydrated, passed out, or otherwise just needed help.

Logan said being out on the grounds made it easier to keep in contact with the people who needed the Crisis Center's assistance. Some cell phones wouldn't work there because of maximum use in the area.

She said being at WE Fest was a way to "quickly and efficiently" meet the needs of the people.

While the Crisis Center hasn't received any calls after the 10,000 Lakes Fest like it has with WE Fest, she would be willing to have a presence out there as well.

"We would do anything in the county that needed support," she said.