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Adams involved in assault incident

A criminal case involving Detroit Lakes Schools Superintendent Mark Adams is under investigation after mutual allegations of assault between him and Mark Rothschadl of Waubun.

"The case is under investigation, there are conflicting stories," said Becker County Sheriff Tim Gordon. "Calls were received from both parties." Because of the "nature of the injuries" reported by both men, the case will hinge in part on medical test results, which may take several weeks to be completed.

Neither man was immediately hospitalized, but both filed assault complaints, Gordon said.

He declined to release details of the case because it is under investigation.

Preliminary reports have been sent to the Becker County Attorney's Office for consideration of charges, but more investigative work is underway, Gordon said. Because of the high profile nature of the case, a sheriff's investigator has been assigned to work with the county attorney's office.

The incident was reported at 5:05 p.m. Saturday and was handled by a White Earth tribal police officer.

Rothschadl could not be reached for comment. He was not home Tuesday, but is expected home late today.

"He did assault me, I have asked that an assault charge be filed," Adams said in an interview Wednesday.

He said the incident was basically a wrestling match that lasted less than a minute, and Rothschadl did not appear to be hurt any more than he was.

"We both stood and talked for about 20 minutes afterwards, waiting for the police to arrive," he said.

Adams said he was invited to the site of the incident -- he did not say where it occurred -- by Rothschadl and given directions to get there so they could talk about an issue.

"It was basically a wrestling match is what is was ... it's an unfortunate incident that came as the result of a well-intentioned conversation."

He declined to elaborate, noting the ongoing investigation.

Adams, who attended a school board meeting Monday as usual, is the former superintendent of Deer River Public Schools

He was hired as Detroit Lakes schools superintendent this spring: His contract was finalized in April and he started work July 1.

He replaced longtime superintendent Lowell Niklaus, who stepped down June 30 to become the district's education director.