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Historical Society seeks Pavilion file

Here's a message to whomever out there has the big, fat file on the Detroit Lakes Pavilion: The Becker County Historical Society really needs it back.

It's bad enough that the file -- filled with newspaper clippings, playbills and other items dating back to when the Pavilion was built -- has gone missing.

But whoever borrowed it appears to have also taken a separate index card that lists dates of newspaper stories that were in the file. That makes it nearly impossible to go back through old newspapers, replace the clippings, and create a new Pavilion file, according to Historical Society Director Joann Splonskowski.

"One of the well-used files for research at the Becker County Historical Society was our extensive file on the Pavilion," she said. "Not only does it contain a history of the building itself, but the artists who played there over the years ... it was just full of newspaper files and old individual clippings that people brought in -- Roy Orbison had played there, and Lawrence Welk. All that information was in the file. We would restock the folder with newspaper clippings, but the index cards that go with the file are also missing."

It's possible that someone researching the Pavilion grabbed the file accidentally along with other research material, or that someone borrowed it and forgot to bring it back. Either way, they can drop it off at the historical society front desk or at the front desk of DL Newspapers.

The society also seeks donations of old Detroit Lakes city directories, and school yearbooks from Frazee, Lake Park and Audubon, as well as family research papers and historical items.