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Robert Anderson letter: How prepared is DL for a disaster?

How well prepared is Detroit Lakes for these worst case scenarios? It is the summer of 2007 and a tornado roars into the city after dark when most people have gone to bed. It causes terrible destruction and loss of life. There is a railroad accident within the city limits which causes a chemical spill and the release of deadly gases into the atmosphere. At the present time, there is no warning system in place to warn of impending disasters. The Detroit Lakes City Council apparently claims there is no money for such a project and so it remains a disaster waiting to happen. I'm convinced you would have to travel some distance to find a city of comparable size without a warning system in place.

We elect our civic leaders to be responsible on fiscal matters but not irresponsible on matters concerning the health and safety of its residents. Perhaps it is time for the Detroit Lakes City Council to stop playing Russian Roulette with the safety of its citizens and begin acting as if the safety and well being of its citizens was still important to them. -- Robert Anderson, Former Detroit Lakes resident