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Mark Kennedy campaigns in DL

Republican U.S. Rep. Mark Kennedy brought his Senate campaign to Detroit Lakes on Thursday, guns ablazin'.

In his sights -- Democratic opponent Amy Klobuchar, whom he accused of a long list of ills, from supporting Social Security benefits for illegal immigrants to overseeing a higher crime rate in Minneapolis.

"She made a promise not to plea bargain gun crimes and violent repeat criminals -- she broke her promise," Kennedy said.

Klobuchar also advocates a "trillion and a half dollar tax increase -- the biggest increase ever," Kennedy said, referencing Klobuchar's proposal to restore Clinton-level income taxes on the wealthiest 1 percent of Americans.

As Hennepin County Attorney, Klobuchar said she has increased the number of jury trials by 50 percent, and also denies supporting Social Security for illegal immigrants. The accusation is false and Kennedy knows that, she said on her Web site.

Kennedy spoke for about 30 minutes at The Madison at Emmanuel Community to a group of seniors.

"On either life or marriage there's a very big difference in this campaign," Kennedy told them. Kennedy favors a constitutional amendment to ban gay marriage and Klobuchar thinks current laws are sufficient.

Perhaps stung by Klobuchar assertions that he spent six years in the U.S. House as a faithful Bush Administration lieutenant, Kennedy also talked about a number of bills he has co-sponsored with Democrats, including laws to crack down on sexual predators and meth distributors from Mexico.

He has a 13-point plan on his Web site ( outlining his proposals on a number of issues, and he noted that he grew up in the "218 area code" and his in-laws live in Hawley.

Kennedy mostly focused on criticizing Klobuchar, but when asked to give positive reasons people should vote for him, he rattled off a half dozen of them, including:

Six million new jobs in the last three years.

An unemployment rate lower than any year since he was born.

The highest home ownership rate ever.

No attacks on American soil in the last five years.

A new federal prescription drug plan for seniors.

Kennedy says he brings a "common sense business approach" to government and that he plans to continue his grueling campaign schedule nearly non-stop from now until the election.