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EQB to review impact of RV park retaining wall

Last month, the Detroit Lakes City Council voted to require an amended Environmental Assessment Worksheet for River Hills RV Park and its infamous retaining wall.

The process for revisiting the issue is "not something we go through every day," Community Development Director Larry Remmen said.

While the city is required to prepare an EAW, it instead asks the developer to hire a consultant to prepare the worksheet. It is the developer's responsibility to incur the costs.

Once completed, the worksheet is submitted to the Environmental Quality Board. There is then a 30-day waiting period for comments. A public meeting is then held.

During the period for comments, the city responds to the comments, but Remmen said, "We generally like the developer to respond also."

After all those steps are completed, the city council will review the case and determine if an Environmental Impact Statement is warranted.

The first time around, an EIS was not required for the RV Park. The amended EAW is just pertaining to the retaining wall, not the entire development.

"It's a fairly lengthy process but not difficult," Remmen said.

He said another option would be for the developer to decide against doing the EAW and instead remove the 290-foot-long wall and restore the bank.

At this point, he said, he's unsure of what the developer plans to do.