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Gordon re-elected sheriff

In the Becker County sheriff's race, incumbent Tim Gordon won a convincing victory over challenger Jay Nelson.

The final vote tally was 9,897 votes for Gordon and 3,160 votes for Nelson, or about 76 percent to 24 percent.

Nelson is a police officer and self-employed carpenter in Lake Park, where he has served on the city council.

Gordon was first elected four years ago, and during his tenure won praise from commissioners for a number of initiatives that reorganized the department and saved the county money.

Nelson did well in his home turf, winning the City of Lake Park 238 votes to 99 for Gordon, or 71 percent to 29 percent.

Nelson won Lake Park Township 144 votes to 87, or 62 percent to 38 percent.

But Gordon showed strength throughout the county. In Audubon he won 190 votes to 84 votes, or 69 to 31 percent.

In Burlington Township he won 454 votes to 123, or 78 percent to 21 percent.

In the City of Callaway, Gordon won 51 votes to 10.

He swept the three big Detroit Lakes precincts by a 4-1 margin, and won handily in the big townships around Detroit Lakes. He also dominated in the eastern townships and on the reservation.

Gordon said he has been campaigning for more than four months, pretending the whole time that he was 10 percent down in the polls to stay fired up during the campaign.

"That mindset makes it real easy to go to the next door," he said. In all, he knocked on more than 2,000 doors in every community in the county.

"I didn't get to every single house, but I got to every community."

He thanked his supporters and his wife, Patti, who is also his campaign manager.

"It's kind of humbling -- the county is saying 'we like what we see,'" Gordon said.

The door-to-door campaign was hard work, but it had its benefits, he added.

"You hear what people like (about the sheriff's department) and you hear what they expect more of," he said.

He doesn't expect to launch any major reorganization of the department or other big changes over the next four years, but will focus on tweaking and improving the current system.

(Gordon was at the courthouse Tuesday night. A reporter did not attempt to immediately contact Nelson because of the lateness of the hour)