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LP-A building bond is defeated

The "no" vote prevailed in Lake Park-Audubon's $24.7 million school construction and renovation bond referendum Tuesday.

The unofficial final tally is 1,330 "no" votes to 1,126 "yes" votes.

The money would have been used to build a new high school in Lake Park and renovation/new construction on the elementary school in Audubon.

In the City of Audubon, the vote was 111 no to 68 yes.

In Audubon Township the vote was 189 no to 89 yes.

In Cormorant Township, the vote was 305 no to 231 yes.

In Lake Park Township the vote was 147 yes to 93 no.

In the City of Lake Park, the vote was 253 yes to 90 no.

"The outcome is not what we had hoped for, but it certainly is encouraging," Superintendent Dale Hogie said in a news release. "The percentage of yes voters increased about 10 percent from our first attempt in 2005."

The number of yes voters increased by 400 from the last election, he added.

The LP-A School Board will likely begin discussing options at its regular meeting on Nov. 20, Hogie said.