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Kris Kornovich letter: LP-A building bond rejection will carry grave consequences

Greetings from Minneapolis!!!! That's right, this is Kris Kornovich, I bet most of you thought that I was finally gone for good because I'm no longer in Lake Park, or Audubon, or even attending the school in Lake Park/Audubon anymore. News, however, does travel and I heard the once again disappointing news about how the majority of people don't care about education. After finding everything possible thing to complain about in the last school design, it was modified to what the "majority" wanted...only to be shot down again because of the unwillingness of 1284 people to care and do what's best for the community. I love where I came from, but I'm glad that I got out of there before I saw the communities dig a hole in the ground for themselves by not caring about education. Because the majority of you lack common sense, I have NO clue where my 10 year reunion will be held, because the way it's looking, there won't be a school there in 10 years and you can blame yourselves and don't be surprised when it happens!! Pay attention, listen, and understand the consequences of your actions and what WILL happen if you keep rejecting education. -- Kris Kornovich, Minneapolis, originally Lake Park