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DL woman turned 101 Sunday

Last year, Inez Olson got a parade for her birthday. This year she's not sure if there is anything planned, but it's another major milestone. She's 101 today (Sunday).

Olson, a resident at Emmanuel Nursing Home, grew up in Lake Park and taught biology there for many years.

While her only immediate relative is a niece in Colorado, she has made friends with others here. Kathy Turcotte met Olson when Turcotte helped Olson to a dentist appointment.

"I got to know her through escorting, and then I started to come on my own to see her," Turcotte said.

She visits with Olson in her room at Emmanuel, surrounded by Olson's favorite things -- birds, flowers and chocolate.

Olson never married or had children, Turcotte said, but her niece sends cards to keep in contact and Olson enjoys Kathy's visits.

Olson said it's nice to have Turcotte visit her since she doesn't have any family around.

"It certainly is (nice), you don't know how much it is," she said.

Although Olson has some problems with her vision being cloudy, she's in good health otherwise. She likes to participate in Emmanuel's activities and go to church. Her legal guardian, who lives in Lake Park, comes to get Olson and take her to church in Lake Park.

Maybe this Sunday after church, Olson can enjoy a big piece of birthday cake.