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A Canadian Christmas story

Connie Lund likes to take the Christmas message and write it into an original and unique storyline. This year she has written "The Mountie's Christmas" for her students at the Adventist Christian School and Koinonia for Kids.

She has a group of nine full-time students from the Christmas school and nine home-schoolers from various areas.

Not wanting kids to have to complain about playing a sheppard in another Christmas play, she pulled the story into a different setting.

"I started to put the Christmas story in some other context," she said.

Lund's students are studying Canada, so she decided that would be the theme and setting for this year's Christmas program.

"We have a self-sufficient Mountie out to save Canada," she said. "Pride goes before the fall. As Christians, we know we're not that self-sufficient."

The story includes a trapper accused of stealing building materials from the school. The Mountie and trapper eventually come to terms, and their fates are later intertwined in a dramatic event during a blizzard.

A small girl, who is the granddaughter of the Mountie, narrates the story.

Lund wrote the story with certain children in mind to play the parts -- something a director can't do when using a purchased play, she said.

"I write the story and match the part to the child that can pull it off," she said.

There are also songs threaded throughout the plot.

It took Lund 22 hours to write the "sincere melodrama" after she saw a melodrama where the Mountie saves the fair maiden, and after she read the book "Tisha," the story of a teacher in Alaska.

She said the play teaches people about pre-judging and incorrectly judging people.

Many volunteers have helped with the play, she said.

"I'd like to make it a community thing," she said. "It's too hard for one person to pull it off."

"The Mountie's Christmas" is Wednesday, Dec. 20, at 7 p.m. in the Adventist Christian School, located just off Richwood Road on Homestead Street, in the Seventh Day Adventist Church. There will be refreshments served after the production. Everyone is welcome to attend.