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Youth writes about God's gifts

Although she's written some books for herself, this is the first piece of writing Angela Cox has shown the community.

Cox, 14, wrote "Jesus, the Gift from God," a narrative that will be read at this afternoon's (Sunday) Candles, Carols and Lessons at Trinity Lutheran Church, Detroit Lakes.

The program director Mark Berg asked the eighth grader if she would be interested in writing a piece for the program. She accepted. His guidance to her was simply to write on the subject of "gifts."

"Some of the greatest gifts you can't put in a box," Cox said. "(Christmas) is not about ribbons and bows and buying gifts, it's about Jesus' birth and being with family."

She wrote three pieces, which were brought together to be "Jesus, the Gift of God."

Her first story was about families and how Jesus is a part of families, that that's the "most amazing gift," that he died willing to give people eternal life.

Her second story consisted of "giving thanks to God."

It touches on the points that humans don't deserve what God has given them and yet he's still giving. It also talks about paying God back for what he's done for people. "Give to the poor, give to me," she recited from the Bible as a guide for this story.

And third, "gather the families" was the theme. Cox explained that throughout the year, some people don't see much of their families because everyone is so busy with their lives, but at Christmas time, people should stop and think about family.

Each of the stories revolves around Cox's center theme, Jesus if a gift of God.

Trinity's Candles, Carols and Lessons is at 4:30 p.m. today (Sunday) in Trinity Lutheran Church. It will be a traditional candlelight service filled with carols, the narrative and a Christmas turkey dinner.

Cox said she wrote her stories to connect the birth of Christ with his death.

"He came to this earth to save us," she said. "There is no greater gift than that, so why are we buying presents?"