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Friends and neighbors - Charlotte Hoeglund

Charlotte Hoeglund claims she's 86-plus years old, but judging by the laundry list of activities she's active in, it must be a young 86.

To begin with, the American Legion Auxiliary honored Hoeglund for her 55 continuous years with the Auxiliary. She is also a part of Emmanuel Community Auxiliary, First Lutheran Church -- where she lists quilting as her favorite activity -- knits caps for newborn babies, reads a lot, picks movies for Friday nights at Winchester -- where she lives -- makes pot holders, goes to pizza parties, travels -- although not as extensively in the past -- and just generally goes and goes and goes.

Hoeglund joined the Detroit Lakes Legion Auxiliary in 1951 when she moved back to the area from San Francisco. She moved to Washington, D.C., then, but kept up her membership with the Detroit Lakes Auxiliary. Once she moved back to Detroit Lakes in 1986, she got active again.

Her two main interests are the Poppy Program and Teachers Tea. Being active in the Poppy Program for 25 years, Hoeglund said her post was the post office.

"It was a dime," she said of the donation given for a Poppy. "If we got a quarter, we thought that was great. Now people automatically reach for a dollar."

Because of her age, Hoeglund said she doesn't stand at her post, distributing the flowers anymore.

The Teachers Tea though, she plans to be a part of until she no longer can.

"I'll keep on with the tea as long as I'm able," she said. "We don't go on (living) forever."

For 19 of the last 20 years, she has been brewing her special spiced tea for the teachers. One year she was in Hawaii and couldn't attend. She said that year the teachers only got a tea bag and hot water, so they likely missed her.

Hoeglund got involved with the auxiliary because her father served in World War I and her brother -- John Hoeglund, former Detroit Lakes City Council alderman -- served in World War II.

"I always saw to it I paid my dues and my mother's all those years," she said.

She moved to Washington, D.C., from 1941-47, and then on to San Francisco from 1947-51. She was a member of the Veterans of Foreign Wars Auxiliary while in D.C., but never joined the Detroit Lakes Auxiliary. She said she never joined the Washington, D.C., American Legion Auxiliary because it was too difficult to get around in that city.

She moved back to Detroit Lakes in 1951 to manage her father's insurance company. When her brother John returned from the service, he wanted to take over the insurance business, and Hoeglund was happy to hand over the reins.

So, Hoeglund moved away and then back to Detroit Lakes again in 1986. While away, she worked in administration and as a paralegal.

Leisure traveling has been a large part of Hoeglund's life. While she hasn't visited every state in the United States -- Hawaii has been visited 10 times though -- she has been to many countries.

Now, she said, she sticks to day trips to Chanhassen in the Twin Cities.

"When you get to my age, you stick to home," she said.

A couple of her favorite places she's visited are Switzerland, New Zealand, and most likely her favorite, China. Although, "wherever I happen to be at the time" is an easier description of her favorite location.

"I read brochures, and friends want to go places," she said on deciding where to travel to next. Hoeglund always travels with a friend.

Though her travels may be limited now, she still keeps busy with her many other projects.

Her framed certificate is "quite an accomplishment," she said, yet is fitting since she's grown up a part of the Legion and Auxiliary.

"It's one way we can support our troops," she said.