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Callaway Corner for youth set to open Saturday

Callaway's newest asset for youth, the Callaway Corner, is just about ready for its kickoff party Saturday.

The renovations on Callaway Corner are close to complete, with a little more carpentry and financial assistance still needed. The person behind the restoration is Elaine Reller, and she is quite thankful for help and progress she's gotten thus far.

Last summer a youth group from St. Cloud came to help restore the youth center. A friend of Reller's, Karen Sharp, Georgia, was also in Callaway for the summer to help.

"Others who have been instrumental in helping were the Foltz family, who supplied materials to complete an interior wall, Pleasant View Senior Housing, who donated their pool table for the youth, and many local neighbors from Callaway, Lake Park and Ogema," she said.

Another tool for Reller has been a grant from Sitting Bull College. The college has partnered with Northwest Area Foundation to provide money to communities to reduce poverty. Between 1998-2009, the Foundation will invest nearly $25 million to building community leadership to reduce poverty in small rural and reservation communities, Reller said.

In order to earn the grant, it's up to the community to meet several components. Reller said while many programs and grants are given for individual things, this grant, Horizons, focuses on the community and identifies and develops what activities the citizens need to push the community forward.

"What happens with this money," Reller said. "The community decided what they want and need. Will it help Callaway's Corner open their doors? I don't know, but one thing for sure, it will help Callaway's families and that is a real blessing."

Saturday is the kickoff date for Callaway's Corner from 1 to 3 p.m. Everyone is welcome. Kidz Club is scheduled for Saturday, Feb. 10, in the Callaway

Community Center.