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Rhombus lands $228,000 grant

SJE Rhombus is planning to become stronger and more successful with the help of a grant from Minnesota Job Skills Partnership.

The $228,248 grant was awarded to SJE and Teamworks, Inc., of Park Rapids for customized employee training.

"This is a big day for us," GL Tucker, operations team manager at SJE, said. "We've been talking about this for many years."

The grant will be used toward specialized control panel training in technical training, hand tools, equipment and process and systems and panels.

Tucker said the company has put 1,000 hours, or 15 percent, into the program already. This is a two-year program.

Paul Moe, director of the Minnesota Job Skills Partnership Program, said his organization has assisted tens of thousands of people with training like Teamworks and SJE will.

"We're the catalyst who brings this all together," he said.

He spoke to employees at SJE Rhombus Wednesday afternoon, stating that the skills they will learn through this grant are "transferable and portable," meaning they will take the skills with them regardless of where they go in the future.

The grant, he said, is a win-win-win for the employees, employers and training institution.

Arlen Kangas, a representative of Teamworks and also a former SJE board member, said SJE was "remarkable as much as in you are the owners" of the company, he told employees.

With this grant and training, it will "make the company stronger. Hopefully we'll (Teamworks) do well for you."