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DL police, fire departments were kept very busy in 2006

Like most years, the Detroit Lakes fire and police departments attended training, answered numerous calls and went through some changes with retirements in 2006.

The Detroit Lakes Police Department fielded about the same amount of complaints as in 2005, which was up from the previous four years.

As expected, the department received the most calls in May-August, with the highest total around 1,100 in July. The cumulative total for the year was 10,204.

Among the largest amount of calls received was for unlocking car doors at 1,380; information for police at 729; disturbance at 530, and suspicion at 646.

Some of the other offenses numbering in the hundreds include those for no insurance, animal complaints, traffic complaints and ambulance assistance.

According to the Bureau of Criminal Apprehension, Detroit Lakes had 767 arrests in 2005, the most current numbers available. Detroit Lakes made 40 arrests for narcotics, while the Becker County Sheriff's Department made 28.

Among those 40 DL arrests, two were for cocaine-related drug offenses, 18 for marijuana and 20 for methamphetamine and related drugs.

On the fire side of safety, the department answered 215 calls for 2006, with 4,451 hours of firefighting, 2,686 hours of meeting and training, and a total of 7,137 hours served for the year.

Both departments saw some retirements in 2006. Investi-gator Linda Livingston retired from the police force, and Marv Gregerson retired from the fire department.

Also at the fire department, an election of officers was held, making Dave Baer assistant chief, Wade Weets captain and Loren Krause training officer.

Both departments reported successful years and continued on into January of this year.