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Faith-based treatment center headed for DL

If all goes according to plan, area residents in need of alcohol and drug addiction recovery will have a place to stay.

The faith-based center Eternal Hope Unlimited has formed, and board member Scott Ailie is looking for some support.

The project began last year when Todd Wesbrook came to Detroit Lakes to talk about the faith-based Trinity Mission he is a part of in Lafayette, Ind.

Trinity Mission houses chemically dependent individuals and takes them through a 12-month Christian-based recovery program.

"It stirred up interest," Ailie said of Wesbrook's visit. "It didn't take long to get a committee going."

The committee then took a trip to the two Trinity Mission locations in Lafayette and Crawfordville, Ind., to see the works of the facilities. A couple of the board members returned in January for a more in-depth look at the works of the organization and how to apply it to Eternal Hope Unlimited.

"It's a good idea to pattern a ministry after," Ailie said, one of the members making the trip. Eternal Hope Unlimited will not be affiliated with Trinity Mission.

"I was not looking for a job, but I see a tremendous need for it," on his possibility of being director of the facility.

Trinity Mission hosts a men's facility and a women's facility, but Ailie said Detroit Lakes will start with just a men's facility. The group doesn't have a building yet, but they are looking for something outside the city for more space.

The Eternal Hope Unlimited board has filed as a non-profit organization and has also filed its bylaws and articles with the government -- lots of paperwork.

"It's a slow process," he said.

Ailie, a chaplain at the Becker County Jail for nearly 30 years, said he sees so much repetition in the jail, having many of the same people doing time over and over again because once out, they have returned to their old ways of living.

"We hope to break the old lifestyle," he said.

After talking with law enforcement, prisoners and local church pastors, "they all are in agreement that we need a program like this."

Churches are the key to this operation. Pastors and church congregations will mentor the men living in Eternal Hope Unlimited. Ailie said it's not just one church, either, it's all area churches that will hopefully be involved.

"We'll work with local churches. I can't emphasize that enough," he said. "Church is God's plan for support, and that's what these individuals need."

Eternal Hope Unlimited is looking for support "prayerfully or financially."

Those willing to help or donate can call Scott Ailie at 847-7435, or send contributions to Eternal Hope Unlimited, PO Box 1901, Detroit Lakes, MN 56502.