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City to look at land sale policy

Although no decisions have been made, the city is discussing the process of selling city-owned land.

"In some cases, it's not really fair because people don't have a chance to bid," Alderman Leonard Heltemes said. Heltemes brought the issue to light after a small piece of property was sold last month to a man who requested it.

The sale of property does come before the Detroit Lakes City Council for approval before a sale.

Heltemes suggested that if a piece of land is worth a certain amount, it should be up for bid. He questioned if the sales could be challenged in court if they aren't offered up for bid.

City Attorney Charlie Ramstad said he has told other smaller cities in the area that they "should have some sort of open process" to allow others to bid.

He added that the city is allowed to put restrictions on the sale, therefore limiting the pool of people likely interested in the property.

The council took no action, but more information is being gathered for future discussion.