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Tower Road industrial park to replace yard waste site

Although tabled until April, the planning commission has begun work on the Tower Road Industrial Park.

The park, formerly known as the Ray J. Anderson property, will feature 28 lots that are zoned I-2, heavy industrial.

The land is located on Stoney Road and Tower Road, along Highway 59 North. The city's organic waste site is located in the area, and Remmen said in time, it will need to be moved somewhere else.

Detroit Lakes and Becker County jointly own the property, with the Detroit Lakes Development Authority paying two-thirds of the cost, and the county paying the remaining one-third, acting as a "silent partner," Detroit Lakes Community Development Director Larry Remmen said.

The land has been annexed into the city.

The commission chose to table the preliminary plat to get more information on screening issues.

Remmen said there were three people who spoke in opposition to the industrial park, mainly for reasons of not wanting an industrial park so close to their homes.

"The typical kind of concerns people have," he said.

Next month, hopefully more of those concerns can be addressed after the commission receives more information to make a decision.

The industrial park will carry JOBZ incentives, although there is no timeline set up yet on when the park will be developed, and the city will be able to sell off portions of land.

A feasibility report will be applied to the land, determining the cost to the city to have utilities installed and other work to be done, which will help set the price of lots. Most lots range from two to three acres of land.

Detroit Lakes Public Utilities will have a warehouse in the industrial park.

Next month's meeting is scheduled for April 26 at 7 p.m. in City Hall.