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Muskies Inc. cleans Detroit, Pelican lakes

About 15-20 Muskies Inc. members performed their yearly deed and cleaned up Detroit and Pelican lakes last weekend.

By the looks of the ice though, the group wondered if maybe a week or two earlier would have been better.

"This is the worst ice," Fargo-Moorhead chapter President Mark Stenger said. "Everyone has a lifejacket on."

Better to be safe than sorry.

"There are spots (of open water) out there that are bigger than a car," he added.

Saturday morning, organization members hauled in lumber and garbage on their ATV's and sleds left behind by ice fishermen. The group felt it was unsafe to bring trailers onto the ice this year.

The largest piece this year was a 16-foot 2x6 board. And surprisingly, the only car parts they came across were a hubcap and jack. They also brought in a cell phone and folding chair to round out the pile of garbage.

Stenger said this year, the group hauled in a little less than usual, which he attributes to less snow this winter. With less snow, there were fewer places to lose or hide less junk.

As the men piled the junk along the Becker County Fairgrounds access for the city to dispose of, one can't help but notice the 10-plus feet of open water along the shore.

Stenger said a short distance down the beach, the ice had pushed in enough the men could get their ATVs and sleds out on the ice.

After the men were done, they headed out to the Sunlite Bar and Grill for chili and sandwiches. Stenger said some of the people at Sunlite are Muskies Inc. members, and their contribution to the day is the food.

There are roughly 40-50 active members in the Fargo-Moorhead chapter of Muskies Inc.