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Crisis Center Spring Fest features 'Idol' competition

Feel like a little singing?

Then sign up for the Lakes Crisis and Resource Center's Spring Fest Idol competition.

The Crisis Center's first Spring Fest will feature a karaoke contest and silent walk on Thursday, beginning at 5 p.m.

The fest is taking place in April to bring attention to Child Abuse Month, Sexual Assault Month, Victims Rights Week, Volunteer Appreciation Month and Week of the Young Child.

The Crisis Center is planning one event to cover all the topics.

"And to honor donators in our community," added Ramona Arnold, business manager at LCRC.

A silent walk is scheduled to begin at 5, with a shuttle ride from the Pavilion to Washington School. The first 50 people will receive a free T-shirt for participating.

Once at the Pavilion, there will be free food and the karaoke contest.

"We want people to join the walk -- for all the same purpose," Arnold said about bringing awareness to the community.

Kelly Reller's Party To Go DL service will provide the karaoke music. And scheduled to appear are Paula, Simon and Randy look-alikes from "American Idol."

There is a $5 registration fee for the Idol contest, and there is a 100 percent return to the winner, meaning all the money from entries will go to the winner of the contest.

Spring Fest Idol contestants can register at 5:45 p.m. at the Pavilion. The contest is for groups or individuals. Competition begins at 6 p.m.

"Portrait of a Family," a coloring contest for young children has been taking place through April. Winners from each grade will be announced and given prizes at the festival.

"It's not just for victims. It's for everyone in the community," Arnold said.

"This is our opportunity for the Crisis Center to give back to the community and get kids involved," she added.