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Fox trot? Tango? Holmes Dance Club will have you dancing like Fred Astaire

Interested in learning the fox trot, tango, waltz or cha-cha? The Holmes Dance Club might just be the right spot.

In existence for over a year, the club meets once a month to learn a brief lesson and then try out that dance and more all evening.

"We're trying to have dances monthly (to do something) besides staring at the TV," said Mari Radke, who along with her husband, Armand, gives a dance lesson at the event.

Brenda Wieland with the Holmes Theatre at Detroit Lakes Community and Cultural Center said there was some community interest for a ballroom dance club and she was asked to facilitate it.

"We deejay the music and Mari and Armand come in for a 20-minute lesson on one dance," she said. Mari Radke owns Summit Dance in Detroit Lakes.

Wieland said the Holmes Dance Club dances are for all ages and abilities. There are regular attendees, seniors who mark the Holmes Dance Club on their dancing circuit calendars and some who practice just before prom.

One of those couples that started coming to the Holmes Dance Club because of Summit Dance is Jared and Amanda Zurn, Detroit Lakes.

Amanda Zurn said she and her husband have always enjoyed dancing together and took lessons through Summit Dance with some friends. Although they don't make every month's dance, she said she enjoys learning the dances when they do make it.

"I really like the two-step and waltz," she said. "The fox trot is fun, too."

The group, which consists of about 30 dancers, dances to both CDs and live bands. This month, the Fat Cats will play for the group on Friday at 8 p.m. in the Holmes Theatre Ballroom.

The club has live music every three to four months.

"I think it's more fun to dance to live music than the canned music," Wieland said.

She said she has learned some moves just from watching the couples dance. She has also been pulled onto the dance floor to practice a time or two.

Although mostly couples attend the dance club, anyone and everyone are welcome to participate.

"Even the couples mix it up," Wieland said. "They're really good about that."

She said about half the people are repeat attendees and half are either newcomers or those coming once in a while. There is a core of four to five couples that show up almost every time.

"It's a fun thing to be doing with your significant other and friends," Zurn said. "It's a very relaxed atmosphere, and everyone has fun."

The dances and lessons are informal. Cost is $5 per person, regardless of the talent level or how long a person dances. Dancers can come when they want and leave when they want between 8 and 11 p.m.

"Ones that come regularly absolutely love it," Wieland said. "I think they appreciate having a place in Detroit Lakes to come and dance."

The club won't be meeting during the summer because of busy schedules. The Friday dance with The Fat Cats will be the last for the season and will resume in September.